UVic Law Students’ Tech Habits Revealed

October 3, 2012

UVic Systems Administrator Rich McCue has been tracking the way that the university’s law school students use technology for many years, and this year’s results are in.

Here are a few highlights from the 2012 survey, released this past Friday:

  • 89% of incoming law students own internet-enabled smartphones
  • 31% of students own tablet devices or ebook readers
  • students report reading school-related documents in bound books 46% of the time, on laptops 35% of the time, on laser printed pages 16% of the time, and on tablet devices 3% of the time.
  • 99% of students own laptops
  • The students’ average typing speed is 49 wpm
  • 68% of all students bring their laptops to school most days
  • 75% of students use laptops to take class notes, 63% use pen and paper, 6% use tablets and 3% use their cell phones
  • 53% of students use Gmail as their primary email account, 7% use UVic email and 20% Hotmail
  • 33% of students identified Google Drive as their favorite tool for collaborative document editing
  • 95% of students use Facebook

See more from David Bilinski at Slaw.ca, and BC Law Watch’s post on last year’s results here.

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