UVic Law Students Explore Aboriginal Legal and Cultural Issues at AbCamp

August 22, 2014

Sweat lodges, drumming, smoking salmon… these don’t sound like your typical first year law school experiences. But for new law students at UVic participating in the Aboriginal Culture Awareness Camp (AbCamp for short), they will be part of many valuable opportunities to “explore Aboriginal perspectives on law, values, cultural beliefs and traditional practices, interact with an Indigenous community, and spend some quality time outside of the classroom with peers, faculty, and community members.”

In what previous participants describe as “one of the most fulfilling, fun, grounding and enlightening experiences of their first year at UVic Law,” AbCamp is a 4-day tenting trip/retreat that gives students the opportunity to meet and hear from local elders, legal practitioners, professors and law students, reflect on important issues, explore the land, participate in traditional activities, and connect with each other and the Indigenous host community.

A student-run initiative, this is the 19th annual AbCamp. It takes place September 25 to 28, 2014.

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