UVic Law Student Technology Survey 2011

September 23, 2011

Rich McCue, Systems Administrator at the UVic, recently published the results of the Faculty of Law’s incoming student technology survey, now in its ninth year. 

Here are just a few highlights (full survey results here):

  • “84% of incoming law students own “Smart Phones” that can browse the internet (up dramatically from 50% last year), with 42% of the total being iPhones, 13% Android and 27% Blackberry’s.
  • 98% of students own laptops, and 16% own both a laptop and a desktop computer.
  • 50% of student laptops are Mac’s, up from 44% last year.
  • 55% of students use Gmail as their primary email account (up from 49% last year), 9% use UVic email and 22% Hotmail.
  • 60% of students identified MS Word as their favorite tool for collaborative document editing (down from 67%).  30% favor Google Docs (up from 27%) and 2% OpenOffice.
  • 58% of students report backing up their primary computer on a regular basis. 60% of those backing up do so to an external hard drive and 25% to a cloud storage solution.”

As with last year’s survey , there was an emphasis on mobile technology this year.

(Hat tip to Simon Fodden at Slaw)

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