UVic Law Prof Wins CBA Legal Aid Leader Award

April 17, 2014

University of Victoria law professor Glen Gallins, Q.C. has won the Canadian Bar Association’s Legal Aid Leader Award.

The Legal Aid Leader Award, presented by the CBA’s Legal Aid Liaison Committee, recognizes “legal aid lawyers who have made a significant contribution to providing access to justice to people in need.”  The Award is “intended to raise awareness of the important role lawyers can have in delivering legal aid services and to encourage members of the legal profession to get involved.”

Professor Gallins is the director of the UVic Law Centre Clinical Program where he has contributed to the Victoria community and people in need.  He has also educated and influenced generations of budding lawyers on the importance of legal aid.

This Award is a well-deserved recognition for Professsor Gallins and his dedication to legal aid in our province.

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