UVic Law at the SCC

August 24, 2011

University of Victoria faculty and students participated in a pair of landmark Supreme Court of Canada proceedings this summer, according to the UVic Faculty of Law.

Bastien Estate v. Canada, 2011 SCC 38, and DubĂ© v. Canada, 2011 SCC 39, “dealt with taxation of investment income of First Nations people and how to determine when such income is situated on a reserve.”

Professor Martha O’Brien’s research was cited in Bastien. Professor James Hopkins (the National Aboriginal Economic Development Chair) was co-counsel for the Chiefs of Ontario, intervenor in both appeals. Racquel Fraser and Sheri Solares (now UVic grads) assisted Professor Hopkins.

“The involvement of UVic Law professors and students in such significant cases highlights the successful work of the National Aboriginal Economic Development Chair as well as the outstanding research being conducted by UVic Law professors.”

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