Update: Civil Resolution Tribunal

December 16, 2015


As posted way back in May, Canada’s first online Civil Resolution Tribunal is preparing to launch.

The BC based Tribunal is not only one of the first in Canada, but one of the first in the world. As an access to justice project, its objective is to to help alleviate long legal advice wait times, avoid having BC residents waste time and money and be inclusive to all.

The CRT website is regularly updated, at least once a month. Since September, the Tribunal has produced a survey and provided results, the Chair has been interviewed by ShawTV’s Citizen’s Forum, produced an information video explaining the “Solution Explorer” and has shared testing outcomes. Among a variety of interesting survey findings, it showed that “92% of 17-64 year olds are online daily, and another 5% are online at least once per week … 69% of those over 74 years old are online daily.

The Tribunal is intended for those with strata disputes and those hoping to attend Small Claims Court, for claims under $25,000. From CRT Chair Shannon Salter’s LinkedIn:

British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal Act establishes Canada’s first online dispute resolution and adjudicative body, the Civil Resolution Tribunal, which has authority to hear some strata property disputes and, where the parties agree, small claims matters. The Civil Resolution Tribunal will improve access to justice by providing efficient, cost-effective, and fair dispute resolution services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Tribunal is still undergoing processes to improve before it’s launch in late 2016. To keep up, don’t forget to follow Shannon on Twitter!


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