UBC Video Game Course Offers Online Content

June 14, 2013

In the UBC Faculty of Law’s most recent newsletter, it is noted that the UBC Law Course Video Game Law has begun to offer online access to its content this semester, including videos of the lectures and a blog on its website.  Taught by Jon Festinger, QC, the course is one of the only courses  offered on video game law in North America and the only one that offers its content online.

You can find the following on the course website:

  • Professor Festinger’s lectures and power point slides;
  • Guest speakers’ lectures;
  • A blog;
  • News Articles and audio and video resources that pertain to class subjects; and
  • Aggregated twitter feeds regarding the course.

Professor Festinger notes that the new course format has increased the level of discussion that happens between the students.  “I cannot describe to you the feeling when your students voluntarily start posting things and engaging in thoughtful remarks about highly legal matters because they want to do it,” Festinger said of the blog.  “And they are learning mor from this than anything else in the course.”

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