UBC Law Students Take Their Studies Abroad

August 1, 2014

UBC Law grad Hamish Stewart knows a lot about the human rights violations behind the minerals found in most mobile phones.

Last summer, Stewart, the recipient of the 2013 UBC Law Research Abroad Grant, spent four months researching the human rights abuses in the Congo’s mining industry, with the goal of better understanding “how information collected by auditors can be utilized to stop conflict minerals from entering electronics supply chains and to address human and labour rights violations occurring at mine sites.”

An article in the July 2014 issue of Your UBC Law describes Stewart’s drive to “effect legal change to help deal with conflict minerals that end up in our electronics.”

The UBC Law Research Abroad Grant Program, which is funded by an anonymous donor, provides two JD students with a grant of $10,000 each to undertake research abroad with partner universities or NGOs. This year’s recipients are James Beaton and Alina Khakhuda.

Beaton is currently using his grant for travel to Spain, Switzerland and the UK to research “the intersection of nation-building, gender, and countries’ policies regarding asylum claims”. Khakhuda is using her grant to travel to Beijing to work on the Chinese Judicial Reform Project.

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