UBC Law Professor Harris Appointed Interim Holder of Nemetz Chair in Legal History

July 28, 2010

UBC Faculty of Law announced this week that Professor Doug Harris was appointed interim holder of the Nemetz Chair in Legal History.

From the news release on the UBC Law website:

The Chair is designed to enrich the education of lawyers, advance legal writing in Canada, and properly and permanently remember the name of Nathan T. Nemetz [former nationally and internationally renowned Chief Justice of British Columbia]. It was made possible through the generosity of members of the legal profession and community and the Province of British Columbia through the World of Opportunity Campaign.

While he holds the Nemetz Chair, Professor Harris will continue to write and teach in the areas of property law, legal history, fisheries law, and Aboriginal rights. To date, his written work includes articles on the legal relations between Aboriginal peoples and the Canadian state in early British Columbia, and on the title registration system.

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