TWU Versus BC’s Supreme Court

September 8, 2015

As reported by the UBC Ubyssey, Western Canada’s largest student run newspaper, Trinity Western University is facing British Columbia’s Supreme Court for the first time ever.

The ongoing issue is a matter of granting the Langley based university law school accreditation. The primary issue of concern is not whether the BC university can teach, successfully ensuring that students, future lawyers, are prepared and educated, but about a covenant. According to CBC, “law students must sign (a covenant), which says marital sex can only happen between men and women.” Moreover, The Ubyssey states, “The controversy lies with the institution’s selective admission practices.”

The Law Society of BC has recorded all accounts in TWU’s case and released this press release stating that Chief Justice Hinkson has reserved his decision on the case heard from August 24 to August 26. Furthermore, BC is not the only province with concern about the agreement; Ontario and Nova Scotia’s law societies also have not approved TWU to teach law.

In order for TWU to operate as a fully functioning, national law school it requires all ten provinces and three territories accreditation. It is seeking accreditation from BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia. We planning on keeping a close ear and eye on Chief Justice Hinkson’s decision about the provincial university. 

Here is a complete list of Canadian law schools which meet national requirements.

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