Trademark and Copyright Law: BarTalk October

October 19, 2015

BarTalk, published by the CBABC six times annually, is now available for October. 

This month’s theme is “Trademark and Copyright Law”. The issue discusses intellectual property laws, adaptation and the Trademarks Act and Copyright Act that came into force on January 1, 2015.

Articles to note include:

  • Law at a Cross-Roads Are lawyers and entrepreneurs polar opposites? Written by David Bilinsky, page 6
  • Travel Expenses: Over- head or Disbursement? Interpreting Rule 14-1(5), Brandon Hastings, page 9
  • Trademarking to Protect Your Brand And the benefits of doing so. Written by Jessica Yeung and Janine Dethlefs, page 12
  • Reversionary Copyright The long arm of the dead. Written by Pat Trelawny, page 13
  • Piracy in Canada New Canadian border measures. Written by Scott Foster, page 14
  • Downloading, Streaming or Torrenting Is there a difference? Written by Robert T. Vangenne, page 15

Further details in October’s issue include:

  • A reminder of the Bench and Bar dinner taking place on November 3
  • The CBA National Women Lawyers Forum Vancouver 2015 Leadership Conference November 20-21, 2015
  • The annual Lawyer Show announcement for 2016: Hairspray coming to you October 14 and 18, 2016 7 to 10 p.m. Auditions to take place soon!

Stay tuned for the final issue of BarTalk for 2015, coming in December.

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