TLABC Launches Perspective Project

February 4, 2015

The Trial Lawyers Association of BC has launched an initiative to highlight the value of the organization to its members. The Perspective Project will “shine a light on TLABC through the eyes of our members, so that we can continue to grow and be of value to our colleagues”. 

From the kick-off post:

“One of our ongoing discussions continues to be – how to engage the next generation of lawyers, while still staying true to our foundational values?  The demographics are shifting – soon the baby boomers will almost all be retiring, but their legacy continues.  As it is, our Board is continually trying to encourage new blood to join.

Integrating diversity in our leadership has been a focus for quite some time.  From new lawyers to seasoned veterans, we want to provide perspective for all of our members as we move forward – which, in turn, will help us as an association remain relevant and strong.

We hope that the Perspective Project will help to facilitate this movement”.

The first member to share her perspective is Maria O’Mahoney, an immigration lawyer and new Canadian who will be blogging about her experiences as a one-year call. In her first post on the TLABC blog she describes the value of attending a new lawyers group event this past December and the lessons she learned from Master Douglas Baker about collegiality and professional deference, along with some tips on affidavit drafting and “creeping collar disease”.

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