The Vancouver Bar Association’s Advocate

November 25, 2015


The Vancouver Bar Association publishes their far-reaching publication, The Advocate, every two months, wrapping up 2015 with their recently released November issue.

The final issue of the Advocate for 2015 features history making CBABC President Jennifer Chow, as an member of the visible minority.

Chow is an educated and ambitious woman with a passion for athletics, food and volunteering. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in political science from Dalhouise University, her LL. B. from the University of British Columbia and eventually her LL. M., master’s in public administration from the University of Victoria. Chow was born in Hong Kong and from the beginning was expected to live a simple, modest life as a cooking and cleaning housewife – a role which did not and will not ever suit her. With her recent Presidential election, Chow hopes to focus on the following CBABC goals: promoting equality and diversity, engaging and reconsidering member’s of the Provincial Council meetings and lobbying for a province wide loan remission program.

Further features covered in November’s issue include:
7.73 of the Land Title Act
Winning in The Court of Public Opinion
From The Magna Carta to The Notwithstanding Clause
The Announcement of the 2016 Short Fiction Competition
Law school updates

Congratulations to the Provincial Court of BC’s newest judge, Honourable Valliammai Chettiar!


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