The Advocate July Issue

August 4, 2015


The Vancouver Bar Association publishes their extensive issue of The Advocate six times annually, with their latest release this past July.

Catherine Dauvergne, new Peter Allard School of Law Dean was featured on the cover; her professional and personal achievement were eloquently recorded in an article written by Peter Showler. The article read smooth like a fine wine and piano bar, and left reader’s inspired by the Dauvergne’s many accomplishments.

The July issue also features the winners of the 2014 Short Fiction Contest on page 65. The top three titles and authors included:

1. ‘Fiat Justita Ruat Caelum’ by Graham Kosakosk
2. ‘The Missing Word (or Words)’ by Bruce Harper
3. ‘Cabin Fever’ by Ed Vandenberg

All three author’s stories will be published in The Advocate, beginning in reverse order with ‘Cabin Fever’ in July. A reminder that the 2015 contest deadline is fast approaching, on Friday, September 4, 2015. Page 91 details includes eligibility details.

Finally, three new judges were congratulated. They include:

The Honourable Judge Edna Ritchie
The Honourable Judge Laura Bakan
The Honourable Madam Justice Martha M. M. Devlin


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