Survey: Experiences of Self-Representing Litigants

March 2, 2015

Via The Factum, a group of masters students at SFU’s School of Public Policy are conducting a survey on the experiences of people who represent themselves in court:

“We are seeking to learn more about the experiences of current and former self-representing litigants. In doing so, we hope to develop policy programs and solutions to assist self-representing litigants with their experience.”

The survey asks about the respondent’s type of legal case, whether a lawyer’s services were ever retained, the reasons for self-representing, challenges encountered, time and costs involved, resources accessed, and some basic demographic information. The survey also asks respondents what advice they would give to others about to represent themselves, and whether they would self-represent again.

The survey takes 7-10 minutes to complete, and “responses to this survey will be anonymized and will remain confidential.”

Find more background on the survey at The Factum.

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