Springtime Scrivener

May 5, 2015


The BC Notaries recently released their spring 2015 issue of the Scrivener highlighting service you can trust.

The issue, as always, is packed with informative articles. Building Trust offered a variety of interesting facts on customer’s perceptions of trust including a particular one to note: “96% of unhappy customers do not complain; 91% of those will simply leave and never come back and will tell others about their bad experience.” That being said, the article questions the reader about their current customer service practices. Another article of particular interest is titled Do “Letters” Guarantee Trust; a thought provoking editorial discussing the relationship between customer service skills and competency of highly educated individuals. Finally, communication is discussed. Shifting one word ever so slightly take take your firm’s service level from good to great in moments, leading to increased accolades and sales.

Putting ourselves in the driver’s seat, Dye & Durham chooses to follow four corporate values day in and day out which include: being relentless, resolution focused, innovative and accountable. Look forward to the Scrivener’s summer issue on working with family!

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