Spotlight on LSLAP – Law Students’ Legal Advice Program

March 27, 2015

The Clicklaw Blog recent ran an intro to the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program.

If you’re not familiar with this organization, here are a few interesting points from the Clicklaw piece and the LSLAP website:

  • LSLAP was started in 1969 by a small group of law students at UBC, and incorporated in 1978.
  • The program now has over 200 volunteer student clinicians who staff more than 20 legal clinics across the Lower Mainland.
  • The student clinicians’ work is overseen by two supervising lawyers.
  • LSLAP bridges the gap between legal aid and self-representation.
  • LSLAP can help clients in certain areas (EI claims, tenant claims, Human Rights Tribunal proceedings, WCB matters, CPP and Old Age Pension claims, etc.) but not others (non-minor criminal offences, personal injury, family law, driving offences, etc.).
  • LSLAP volunteers help clients by drafting legal documents and former, providing representation at trial and before boards and tribunals.
  • LSLAP is supported through donations, the Law Foundation, City of Vancouver, and HRSDC.

Clinics are temporarily on pause as exam season approaches, but afterwards, the clinics will run from May 19 to August 14.

Want to support LSLAP? You can donate, volunteer as a supervising lawyer, and spread the word about this important organization.

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