Seized Vehicle Becomes Anti-Gang PSA on Wheels

July 11, 2014


The BC Ministry of Justice has come up with an unusual way to warn youth about the dangers of gang life: they’ve repurposed a seized Nissan 350Z into a rolling public service announcement that will appear at community events and throughout the streets of Kelowna over the next two years.


Photo credit: BC Ministry of Justice

The vehicle was provided by the Civil Forfeiture Office, which since 2006, “has taken in approximately $47 million and has returned more than $16 million from successful forfeiture actions in the form of grants to crime prevention programs, victims of fraud and phoney investment schemes, and victim services programs”.

Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton said,

“The promise of a glamorous life and flashy cars lures many young people into crime, but we need them to understand that this lifestyle is dangerous and often ends badly. This vehicle is a testament to that, as it was involved with both weapons and drugs in its previous life. Now that it’s been reformed, it can turn to a life of good and help the Kelowna RCMP connect with youth who are at risk, and ensure young people are aware of the dangers that are involved in a life of crime”.

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