Roundup of BC Legal Organization YouTube Channels

June 29, 2011

A surprising number of legal organizations in BC have YouTube channels.

Here’s a quick roundup:

  • The Courthouse Libraries BC channel has research tutorials and videos about LawMatters
  • The Law Society of BC channel features a series of inspirational stories from Aboriginal lawyers, as well as as recorded lectures and a video that outlines the principles of the justice system
  • The Canadian Bar Association BC Branch channel has a video tribute to Leonard T. Doust, QC (winner of the 2011 CBABC President’s Medal), and montages from public panel discussions
  • The UBC Law channel includes videos of the law building demolition and a lecture by SCC Chief Justice McLachlin
  • The Clicklaw channel features “Clicklaw Charades”, which engage viewers in finding answers to common legal questions
  • The Justice Education Society of BC channels has dozens of videos that educate viewers on the legal system, in many different languages
  • The People’s Law School has a series of videos on consumer debt, and discussions on abuse in multiple languages
  • The West Coast Environmental Law channel includes video on environmental law issues in BC
  • The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC (CLE) channel includes course previews & promos, a summary of pricing strategies and structures, and live footage of demonstrations from CLE courses
  • Added Aug 12, 2011: The Why Legal Aid Matter channel will be home to a series of four videos on the importance of legal aid funding
  • Added Nov 2, 2011: The Trial Lawyers Association of BC channel features a video supporting the association’s wrongful death legislation campaign

It’s great to see so many groups producing high quality, informative videos. Are we missing anyone?

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