Public Guardian and Trustee Releases 10-Year Vision Statement

July 27, 2011

The Public Guardian and Trustee of BC (PGT) recently released a vision statement entitled “2020 Vision: Serving British Columbians Over the Next Decade”

According to the press release, the document, “provides a general direction for the future of the office, with ideas of where the PGT may want to move towards to continue the work we are currently doing and to build on our current accomplishments.” PGT staff and a wide variety of stakeholders and professionals were consulted.

Among the issues touched on in the report:

  • Demographic shift and immigration trends, and how that will affect demand for PGT services
  • Awareness of adult abuse and neglect
  • Increasing disparity of income
  • Gaps in private trustee services
  • Aboriginal issues
  • Language and cultural barriers

The full report is available on the PGT website,

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