Provincial Court Website Re-launches

December 15, 2014

After more than a year of ongoing improvements, the BC Provincial Court website has officially been re-launched.

According to the Court’s website re-launch information page, the changes have been made with the goal of being more accessible and open. A few more details on what’s changed:

“You can still search for decisions of Provincial Court Judges, and find addresses and phone numbers for provincial courthouses around B.C. but now you will find new links to rules, forms, self-help information and more. Recent changes include:

  • Updating information with current legislation, resources and court data
  • Replacing legal jargon with plain language, simple explanations and a less formal writing style
  • Making site navigation more intuitive
  • Providing specific navigation guidance for groups of users, such as media, teachers, students, lawyers, and people appearing in court as litigants or witnesses
  • Adding material and links to help people who are representing themselves in court
  • Offering information and videos about recent innovations and initiatives to improve the Court’s service”

In addition to types of users as mentioned above (going to court, media, lawyers, students & teachers) the website also has special areas for visitors based on type of case (family, small claims, criminal, youth court, traffic & bylaws).

Users are encouraged to take the anonymous survey within the site to submit feedback on how well their online needs were met using the new website. 

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