Province Proposes Clustering of Administrative Tribunals for Efficiency

March 16, 2015

The province recently introduced legislation that would make BC’s administrative justice system “easier and faster to use.”

Under the Administrative Tribunal Statutes Amendment Act (ATSAA),“clusters of tribunals would be led by an executive chair, responsible for overseeing the administration and operation of the tribunals under his or her purview. The clustering of tribunals will address administrative and operational matters, while maintaining individual tribunal mandates and independence.”

According to AG and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton, the legislation would reduce cost and complexity, encourage early dispute resolution through mediation, and allow for the use of electronic tools for resolving disputes.

The government press release notes that Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and the federal government have also undergone forms of tribunal clustering, and that BC’s many tribunals resolve more than 60,000 disputes every year.

The ATSAA had first reading on Monday, March 9. See the bill here: Bill 18: Administrative Tribunals Statutes Amendment Act, 2015

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