Province Commits to Expanding Fraser Valley Courtrooms

April 8, 2013

The BC Ministry of Justice has announced plans to fund expansion of courtrooms in the Lower Fraser Valley. A memorandum of understanding between the province and the mayors of the City of Abbotsford, City of Chilliwack, City of Langley, Township of Langley and the City of Surrey has been signed, promising a $600,000 grant.

“The signing of this MOU is the start of creating a more coherent vision for future growth and will help maximize the Province’s investments in B.C.’s justice system. The Lower Fraser Valley is one of the fastest growing regions in the province and this plan will be a key part of supporting future expansion of court facilities.

The plan will be a collaborative project between the five municipalities and the province. Abbotsford has been designated to administer the $600,000 grant from the Ministry of Citizens’ Services and Open Government to identify courtroom expansion needs and solutions in the region. The plan will examine factors such as space and facility needs, increasing courtroom pressures and demands, and growing populations in each area.”

A further $800,000 in operating funds and $400,00 in capital funding will ensure that the expanded courtrooms can function properly. Planning for the expansion is expected to be complete by the end of this year, with a business case complete by May 2014.

See more details in this video from the province.

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