Postal Strike Contingencies

June 10, 2011

Canada Post employees began strike action in Winnipeg a week ago, and since then the strike has rotated to cities throughout Canada, including Victoria and Vernon, BC. The strike will continue until a collective agreement is negotiated.

Here are a few tips on how to manage if your practice is affected:

  • The BC Human Rights Tribunal will accept fax and email correspondence
  • The BC Family Maintenance Enforcement Program encourages the use of online banking for payments
  • BC Registry Agents will be operational via courier services
  • The Federal Court of Canada encourages alternate means of service, whether paper or electronic
  • The Supreme Court of Canada lists info for document filing, judgments, and the SCC Bulletin of Proceedings
  • And of course, Dye & Durham’s eTray is 100% electronic, so it will not be affected by the strike

On a related note, the HST referendum may be delayed if the strike continues. Three million ballots are set to be mailed mid-June, but the acting Chief Electoral Officer has the power to extend the dates if necessary.

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