Pivot Legal Report Results in New Police Dog Regulations

December 1, 2014

A fascinating post at the Pivot Legal blog breaks down BC’s new police dog use regulations, “the first of their kind in Canada, and the result of years of campaigning” by Pivot. They were were released on November 27.

The regulations were developed by a working group after the release of Pivot’s report on police dogs, Moving to Minimum Force: Police Dogs + Public Safety in British Columbia, this past June.

In the post, Doug King explains four main aspects of the new regulations, and how they well they were addressed in relation to Pivot’s recommendations: proportionality, training standards, record keeping and statistics, and the classification of dogs as weapons. 

Although not all of Pivot’s recommendations were adopted, King notes that,

“Overall we see today as a day to celebrate. After years of hard work the stories and statistics we have uncovered on the use of police dogs, particularly against vulnerable and marginalized populations, have been heard and acted upon. While this is a good first step down the long path of police accountability, we will continue to campaign for best practices in police dog use, and will continue to advance cases where we feel the police department’s practices require scrutiny.”

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