Canada’s First Online Civil Resolution Tribunal

May 29, 2015


Online Dispute Resolution is on its way to British Columbia. Canada’s first online Civil Resolution Tribunal is in its final stages of development and preparing to launch.

The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) will provide strata property, condominium owners, with the ability to chose how, when and where their small claims disputes will be resolved. The Tribunal is intended to simplify the civil process and offer more flexibility for those facing disagreements.

The guiding principles of the CRT include time, flexibility, accessibility, affordability and efficiency. Furthermore, the reasons for development include accessibility, time, cost and proportion. Access will assist with rural population matters, time will aid in managing backlog and dispute delays, legal and travel fees will be reduced and generic processes will be implemented.

The CRT is set to launch this summer under the premise of ongoing availability 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. The Tribunal will be electronically competent allowing the user to access it on any device with a sound internet connection.

Our colleagues at McCarthy Tétrault weigh in on the benefits, and potential drawbacks of the CRT for businesses.

For more information on general Online Dispute Resolution, consider attending the annual conference which takes place June 3 to 5 in New York City. The program details the plans for the Access, Efficiency & Quality: Modern Challenges for the Bench, Bar & Public seminar.


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