One Year of Public Participation in Law Society Hearing Panels

December 17, 2012

A press release from the Law Society of BC reminds us that it has been a year since the regulatory body,“enhanced its hearings process and made it mandatory that a member of the public would help adjudicate all discipline and credentials hearings.”

In the last year, members of the public pool, which contains 21 people, have helped adjudicate 16 discipline hearings and 4 credentials hearings.

One member of the public pool, Dan Goodleaf, shared his experiences:

“You’re sitting with very seasoned, well-accomplished individuals,” said Goodleaf, a former Canadian Ambassador in Central America and Deputy Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs. “The expectation is that you will be a co-equal on the panel. You are not window dressing. You are not there to be subservient. You are there to be independent in your thought.”

The first hearings to include panel members from the public pool were held in December 2011.

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