New Tool From Courthouse Libraries BC Helps With Court Rule Amendment Research

May 13, 2013

The staff of Courthouse Libraries BC have developed yet another free, helpful resource for legal research in BC. Writing at The Stream, Tracy McLean details the new Court Rule Amendment Trackers that library staffers are sharing with the public.

Describing how complicated and time-consuming it can be to research changes to regulations, McLean writes that

“…we created the Amendment Trackers for the Court Rules. They are intended to track any changes made to the current Rules since they came into force. They list:

  • the affected rule;

  • the type of change (amended, repealed, repealed & replaced, or new);

  • the regulation bringing the change (including section number), and;

  • the date the change comes into force.”

Available via the Courthouse Libraries BC website, the Court Rules Amendment Tracker PDFs help you quickly research rules from the Court of Appeal (Civil & Criminal Rules), Supreme Court (Civil; Family; and Criminal rules), and Provincial Court (Adult Guardianship; Child, Family and Community Service Act; Criminal Caseflow Management; and Family Rules).

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