New Procedure for Obtaining BCCA Oral Reasons for Judgment

April 6, 2011

This week the BC Court of Appeal issued a Practice Note detailing a new practice regarding oral reasons for judgment.

The Court will no longer mail oral Court reasons for judgment to counsel or self-represented litigants. Parties wishing to obtain oral reasons for judgment should follow the instructions set out in this Practice Note.

This excerpt from the Practice Note explains the new procedure for oral Court reasons for judgment [as contrasted with Chambers reasons for judgment:

Starting 4 April 2011 the judgment typist will no longer mail out Court oral reasons for judgment. As of this date, once the oral Court reasons for judgment are signed they will be placed on the website. If counsel or a party wish to obtain a copy of the oral Court reasons for judgment, they may either obtain them from the Court’s website; send an e-mail to the judgment typist office at [email protected]; or contact the judgment typist by telephone at 604-660-2729.

Parties may continue to request copies of oral Chambers reasons for judgment from the judgment typist using the same contact information above.

Also, parties of record may obtain the reasons for judgment at no cost, but all other requests will be at the usual photocopying charge of $1.00 per page.

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