New LEAF Report Connects Aboriginal Women with Legal Services

January 18, 2012

As reported on the Clicklaw blog, a new report from West Coast LEAF notes a serious gap in availability and accessibility of legal services for Aboriginal women.

Mapping the Gap: Linking Aboriginal Women with Legal Resources and Services was prepared by Shahnaz Rahman and aims to “capture a snapshot of the legal resources available to Aboriginal
women and their advocates across BC.”

” In 2011, West Coast LEAF surveyed legal resources available to women in BC in the context of diminishing legal aid services, specifically focusing on community-based legal resources accessed by Aboriginal women and their advocates. All consultations conducted during the project underscored two main issues: there is serious need for basic, face-to-face, legal support; and that Aboriginal communities face significant unmet legal needs. These and other findings, outlined in our report, identify available legal services and supports while describing gaps in service for Aboriginal women. The report also contains recommendations.”

Mapping the Gap follows up on a 2010 report. Both reports are available from the West Coast LEAF website.

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