New Family Law Act Creates Huge Demand for Public Legal Education & Information

May 15, 2013

Via the ELAN Blog, the Legal Services Society (LSS) reports that there was exceptionally high demand for its publications this past April.

“Over the course of the month, we shipped 32,140 publications (almost 20% more than last year) to people looking for plain language legal information. These publications went out to nearly 130 different organizations in 48 locations across BC.”

This was likely in part due to the coming into force of the new Family Law Act.

“With the new Family Law Act only a few weeks old, it was no surprise that our family law publications were the most popular. Five of our family law publications accounted for over a third of all the publications we sent out that month.”

To see these five family law publications and learn more about how LSS helps build public legal education, see the post 32,140 reasons that PLEI makes a difference in BC!

And to learn more about BC’s new Family Law Act, see the LSS’s list of new and revised BC family law publications.


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