New Cloud Computing Rules for BC Legal Profession

November 14, 2014

As indicated in the Law Society of BC’s November E-Brief, the Benchers have adopted changes to the Law Society Rules related to cloud computing.

The changes are based on the 2012 report and recommendations of the Cloud Computing Working Group. Changes involve the following:

  • electronic data storage and processing (definitions of “metadata” and “record” and Rules 3-43.1,  3-59(0.1), (2), (2.1) and (4), 3-61.1(2) and (3), 3-62(1), 3-65(2.1) and (3) and 3-68);
  • producing records in a complaint investigation (Rule 3-5.01) or forensic audit (Rule 4-43(1.4)); and
  • third-party storage providers and security (Rules 10-4 and 10-5).

 The LSBC created a helpful Cloud Computing Checklist several years ago and encourages lawyers to consult it if they store or are considering storing law practice data online.

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