New Access to Justice Centre at UVic

February 10, 2016

Canadian Lawyer reports that UVic has established the Access to Justice Centre for Excellence (ACE), whose focus “is on applied research that seeks practical resolutions to improve access to justice.”

There are currently five research projects on ACE’s agenda, which will eventually involve the law school’s student as well as the centre’s founders. Those projects are:

  1. Canadian Researcher Data Map Project
  2. Justice Integration Project
  3. Justice Metrics Conversation
  4. Access to Justice Education Project
  5. Access and Information Technology Project

The ACE was developed by Professor Jerry McHale, QC and his team of other UVic Law profs and a UVic Law PhD candidate.

The ACE is also planning to hold a two-part national research colloquium that will bring together academic and policy researchers to create a national research strategy. The first colloquium will take place in May and focus on BC; the second will take place in September will have a cross-country focus.

ACE’s creation is in line with the CBA’s 2013 recommendation that three Canadian law schools establish centres of excellence for access to justice research by 2030.

Anyone interested in the Centre’s news and activities can sign up for their mailing list.


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