More Candid Comments From The BC Judiciary

April 29, 2013

Not long after BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Bauman’s speech to the TLABC garnered significant attention, another judge has made his own candid comments.

Access Pro Bono reports that in a recent speech to pro bono volunteers and supporters at the organization’s Annual Appreciation Breakfast, Justice Mark McEwan spoke bluntly in defense of the courts. The Supreme Court Justice, “lamented the increasing intrusion of the executive branch of government– and its preoccupation with a self-sufficient user-pay justice system– into the administration of justice through the courts.”

The April 25 speech is available from Access Pro Bono’s news item, BCSC Justice Mark McEwan speaks bluntly in defense of courts at APB’s Annual Appreciation Breakfast.

McEwan said he hopes

“that by clarifying our own thinking about the functional essence of the judicial branch of government, which includes the protections built into its processes, we will contribute more usefully to awareness of the importance of access to justice generally, which will in turn benefit the peace and safety of society as a whole.”

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