MediateBC Debuts Child Support Eligibility Mediation Services Project

December 10, 2012

Separated or divorced parents of Grade 12 students who are planning on pursuing post-secondary studies after graduation have a new resource available to them through MediateBC’s Child Support Eligibility Mediation Project.

This pilot project incorporates, “both interest-based and evaluative approaches to help separated families resolve disputes concerning the eligibility of adult children for child support and special expenses.”

In collaboration with the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program and funded by the Law Foundation of British Columbia and the Director of Maintenance Enforcement, this project offers free mediation services to a limited number of families.

Project Coordinators Yuki Matsuno and Shelina Neallani want to get the word out to family lawyers who clients may benefit from this offering. A few key things to know about the project:

  • “Mediations will be conducted in person, over the telephone, or using other distance mediation technology as appropriate for the parties and the mediator.
  • Project mediators will use a range of mediation techniques, ranging from interest-based facilitative techniques to evaluative techniques, to help the parties reach an agreement.
  • Project mediators will also ensure that the voice of the adult child is heard in the mediation in a way that is appropriate for each individual case.
  • Parties will be required to participate in the project evaluation.”

For more information, see the recent post on the MediateBC Blog or contact the project administrator, June Brinkman at [email protected]

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