MediateBC Announces New Mediators For Family Program

December 11, 2013

MediateBC announced that it has added four new Lead Mediators to its Family Mediation Program.

All are now available to mentor within the FMP co-mediation teams. The new Lead Mediators are:

  • Nancy Cameron QC (Vancouver)
  • Carol Hickman QC (New Westminster)
  • Patricia Lane (Vancouver/Victoria)
  • Ron Smith QC (Kelowna)

There are now seven Lead Mediators in total, as the new group joins with current Leads: Michael Lomax (Victoria), Kathleen Bellamano (Victoria), and Vivian Kerenyi (Vancouver). Mediators have been mentoring in the program since last year.

This addition has significantly increased MediateBC’s capacity to offer a quality mentoring experience for those seeking practical experience for either membership/accreditation or professional development. It has also increased the geographical range in which mentoring can be offered in BC. MediateBC notes that the new additions are well-respected and experienced family mediators who are eager to offer their skills, knowledge and insights as part of their co-mediation teams.

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