LSBC Welcomes New President & 2012-2014 Strategic Plan

January 25, 2012

As reported on CLBC’s New and Notable, this Friday, the Law Society of BC will swear in its newest president, Bruce LeRose, Q.C.

LeRose, who hails from Trail and is the LSBC’s first-ever president from the Kootenays, will launch a new strategic plan at the January 27 board meeting.

One of the three goals in the new strategic plan is to improve access to legal services, especially in rural areas. Increasing legal service providers is part of this goal; the Justicia Project and Indigenous Lawyer Mentoring Program fall into that strategy.

The other two goals are to increase the public’s “confidence in the administration of justice and the rule of law” and to “be a more innovative and effective professional regulatory body.”



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