LSBC Task Force Seeks Consultation on Regulation of Legal Service Providers

September 25, 2013

A joint task force of the Law Society has been exploring whether a single model regulator of legal services is desirable; and, if it is desirable, which legal service providers should be regulated and whether it is the Law Society that should take on that regulatory function.

Already regulating more than 10,000 lawyers in BC, if this task force recommends a single regulator model, and that regulator is in fact the Law Society, the list of service providers the Law Society may regulate could include: mediators, arbitrators, notaries public, native court workers and paralegals.

This past July, an interim report of the task force was delivered to Law Society Benchers.  Subsequent public consultation meetings have been held this month in Vancouver, Victoria and Prince George.  The task force is now encouraging BC lawyers and other interested parties to read the interim report and provide any comments online before October 14, 2013.

“This is about finding the most effective and efficient way to regulate legal services”, said Bruce Le Rose, QC, chair of the Legal Service Provider Task Force in a recent Law Society News Release. “If a single regulator can best protect the public and improve access to justice, then we need to seriously consider that regulatory model.”

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