LSBC Now Accrediting Family Law Mediators And Arbitrators

January 20, 2014

Under the new Family Law Act, the Law Society of British Columbia now has the authority to oversee the accreditation of lawyers who want to work as family law mediators, family law arbitrators and parenting coordinators.

As of January 1, 2014, lawyers must obtain Family law alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) accreditation. Family law mediators, for example, must now meet each of the following requirements:

  • 14 hours of approved training in family violence, which must include “skills for identifying, evaluating and managing family violence and issues of power dynamics in relation to the dispute resolution process”:
  • up to 10 years of related experience and 40 or more hours of mediation, arbitration or parenting co0rdinating training; and
  • sufficient training in family law.

Qualifications for “family law arbitrators” and “parenting coordinators” are also outlined on the LSBC website, where lawyers may submit their qualifications for review.

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