LSBC Announces Results of Communications Survey

February 18, 2011

The Law Society of BC has released the results of a survey it conducted of 500 lawyers in November 2010. The purpose of the survey was to gather opinions about the various publications the Law Society uses to communicate with BC lawyers:

Specifically, we sought to better understand awareness, use and effectiveness of publications such as Benchers’ Bulletin and E-Brief as well as our website, and to use this information to make any necessary improvements to our communications tactics.

The Law Society concludes from the survey results that lawyers “are generally satisfied,” but note some opportunities for changes:

Notices to the Profession, Benchers’ Bulletin and E-Brief are the most widely read publications and most lawyers find the information useful.

However, many of the survey findings highlight the fact that lawyers are challenged by pressures on your time. In order to maximize the effectiveness and value of Law Society publications, we will be exploring ways to make our communications more relevant, concise and user friendly.

You will soon see the first round of changes when we roll out our new website later this spring and we look forward to hearing how we have done in responding to your comments and requests.

The full survey results are available for download.

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