Legal Aid Denied to Stanley Cup Rioters in the Battle for Legal Aid

June 4, 2012

As tweeted by TLABC, the latest fight in their Battle for Legal Aid affects Stanley Cup rioters seeking legal aid lawyers.

According to an article in the Vancouver Sun,

“The Trial Lawyers Association of B.C.’s board of governors recommended the withdrawal of services last weekend. Spokesman Bentley Doyle said the decision was made because of the difference between crown resources and legal aid funding in riot cases.

“There’s just too big of an imbalance,” said Doyle. “The crown resources on the riot cases are vast, and at the same time the government has not increased legal aid funding, which is what we’ve been calling for.”

The refusal of services could delay riot cases in B.C. courts, said Doyle. When people are forced to represent themselves it slows down the system, he said.

The refusal to take on riot legal aid clients is one part of TLABC’s campaign to pressure the provincial government to increase legal aid funding across the board, which Doyle said has been inadequate for more than a decade.”

Read more in the Surrey Leader and The Province.

One thought on “Legal Aid Denied to Stanley Cup Rioters in the Battle for Legal Aid

  1. Lots of potentially lucrative files that prosecutors are jumping at but defence lawyers won’t touch?

    Either there’s a funding imbalance that makes defending such cases more trouble than it’s worth, or the State has gotten so big that it’s charging people frivolously to generate more work for all the prosecutors they’ve hired.

    Either way, it sounds like a lot of these “rioters” will ultimately be acquitted via Askov applications.

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