Law Society Proposes Changes to Legal Profession Act

October 1, 2010

The Benchers of the Law Society of BC recently approved in principle a request for changes to the Legal Profession Act. According to the announcement of September 17, the purpose of the proposed changes is to “enhance the ability of the society to regulate in the public interest.”

Among the specific changes sought are these ones, enumerated in Law Society’s recent announcement:

  • provisions for enhanced authority to enforce compliance with practice conditions,
  • express authority to compel disclosure of evidence in the course of an investigation,
  • increases to the maximum fines that can be levied in their disciplinary processes, and a revised section 3 of the Act. “The proposed changes to section 3 recognize the importance of supporting and assisting lawyers in fulfilling their responsibilities in the practice of law; the services now provided by the society to lawyers will not be affected. All of the requested changes are aimed at enhancing public confidence in BC’s legal profession and its regulation by the Law Society.”

For more information, including the text of the proposed revision of section 3, see the Law Society’s September 17 announcement.

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