Law Society AGM Summary Posted

October 7, 2010

The Law Society of BC held its AGM on September 28 with 198 lawyers and 14 students in attendance. A summary of the proceedings is posted on the Law Society’s website, but here are some highlights:

  • Art Vertlieb, QC was acclaimed Second Vice-President for 2011.
  • A majority voting at the AGM were in favour (151:6) of the 2011 practice fee of $1,729.14.
  • Combined with the Lawyers’ Insurance Fund assessment, which has increased to $1,750 due to continuing economic pressure on claims and investment returns, and the $5 Special Compensation Fund assessment, the total fees for 2011 are $3,484.14.
  • The members voted against (43:111) a resolution which proposed a reduction in the continuing professional development requirements for part-time practising lawyers.

For more information, see the news item on the Law Society’s website.

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