Law Foundation Funding for 2012 Projects

December 23, 2011

The Law Foundation is accepting applications for funding through its 2012 projects budget of $750,000.

Who: An eligible group must be a “non-profit organization in British Columbia whose proposed time-limited project falls within one or more of the five statutory mandated areas of the Law Foundation: legal aid; legal education; legal research; law reform; and law libraries.”

What: The Law Foundation is accepting applications for projects in a variety of areas, especially aboriginal legal issues; consumer and debt issues; elder law; family law; legal needs of remote geographical areas; public legal education; and technology. Projects are eligible for a maximum grant of $75,000.

How & When: Submit a letter of intent by 3pm, January 13, 2012 — contact the Law Foundation to discuss your project prior to submitting a Letter of Intent form.

For complete details, see the Large Projects page of the Law Foundation website.

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