Justice Education Society News

February 4, 2013

In its latest newsletter, The Justice Education Society (JES) shares some of its recent news and activities.

  • An upcoming event called the Women and Leadership Café, where participants will “discuss the unique qualities of women’s leadership, and ways to move forward to ensure women’s full participation in civic, political and community life” in English and Punjabi roundtables
  • Upcoming seminars on The Law Project
  • The new automated online assistant for legal matters on the SmallClaimsBC.ca website, JESS (Justice Education Society Search)
  • Website of the month: CourtInformation.ca
  • Resource of the month: Recognizance Under s. 810
  • Program updates:
    • fundraising efforts (since October 2012, JES has raised $52,500 to directly support its Justice System Education Program for BC students)
    • the Young Women Civic Leaders Program was launched
    • the Immigrant Public Legal Education and Information Consortium launched the Family Law Act Online Training Course
    • recent activities of the Youth Against Violence project team
  • Upcoming projects: CyberSafeBC.ca (in cooperation with the RCMP), and model online dispute resolution at SmallClaimsBC.ca
  • PLEI Spotlight: Kari D. Boyle of Mediate BC Society
  • Justice program community news
  • JES news: staff departures and arrivals

Read the whole newsletter at the Justice Education Society website, www.justiceinourtimes.ca.

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