July CPD Opportunities From CLE and Law Courts Center

June 23, 2014

The year is almost halfway through; how are your Law Society-mandated CPD hours coming along? If summer is a slower time for you, you might like to take advantage of the downtime to take a course or webinar.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up in July:

July 9-11: 15th Annual Winning Advocacy Skills Workshop (CLE – In person)

July 18: Conveyancing 101 (Law Courts Center)

July 25: The New Anti-Spam Law: It’s Broader Than You Think! (CLE-TV)

July 25: The TekSavvy Case: Disclosure of Identifying Information by ISPs (CLE-TV)

July 25: Limited Scope Retainers: Practical Advice & Tips (CLE-TV)

July 25: Modern Solicitors Writing 101 (Law Courts Center)

July 28-29: WESA and the New Rules: Is Your Estate Practice Ready? (CLE/BC Law Institute – Webinar)

July 28-29: Family Law Basics 2014 (CLE – Webinar)

July 28-29: Civil Litigation Conference 2014 (CLE – Webinar)

July 28: Legal Strategies in Private Mergers & Acquisitions (CLE – Webinar)

July 29: Creditors’ Remedies 2014 (CLE – Webinar)

July 30: Estate Administration: Navigating the New Rules (CLE/BC Law Insitite – Webinar)
July 30: FLA: Guardianship and Parenting – One Year Later (CLE – Webinar)

July 30: Engineering Evidence in Civil Litigation 2014 (CLE – Webinar)
July 30: Tax Issues for Commercial Practitioners (CLE – Webinar)

July 31: FLA for Estates Practitioners (CLE – Webinar)

July 31: Property Under the FLA – Lessons from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario (CLE – Webinar)

July 31: Medicine for Lawyers 2014 (CLE – Webinar)

July 31: Construction Law 2014 (CLE – Webinar)

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