Information Packages for Self-Represented Litigants

June 13, 2011

The Stream has an extensive post up about 24 new information packages for the self-represented from the Supreme Court of BC.

According to the Supreme Court, the official information packages contain forms and instructions for many common procedural processes, and are available in Microsoft Word format. A note on that front: the files are in .docx, so those working with pre-2007 versions of Word will need to download a compatibility pack in order to open them. Each package includes step-by-step instructions, tips, and related forms for a particular procedure or application.

Topics include adoption, appeals, chambers applications, company & society restorations, costs, certificates of pending litigation, enforcement of statutory orders, financial statements, garnishment, indigency, judicial review, Legal Professions Act reviews, name changes, notices, orders, releases of garnishing orders, responses, writs of possession under the Residential Tenancy Act, service, small claims appeals, and writs of seizure and sale.

Nate Russell, who penned The Stream post, says:

“Not that long ago, BC Supreme Court’s registries offered printed forms and other information over the counter—albeit the degree of assistance varied between court locations. With the introduction of the new Rules, however, ready-to-fill-in forms virtually disappeared from counters across the Province, withdrawn presumably out of wariness over old support materials’ inaccuracy given the transition.”

These information packages are a step in the right direction in improving access to justice in BC.

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