Hope in Shadows Celebrates 10 Years

January 24, 2013

Hope in Shadows celebrated its 10th anniversary with the release of its 2013 calendar, coordinated by Pivot Legal Society.

Hope in Shadows: Portraits of Our Community is a charitable organization that “creates positive social change for people and communities impacted by poverty and marginalization”. The calendar, which is Hope in Shadows’ flagship project, is the product of an innovative photography contest. Residents of the Downtown Eastside are provided with single-use cameras to take photos for several days. Those photos are then developed and a selection of 40 are featured in an exhibition. A calendar is produced with a smaller set of the winning photos. The calendars are then sold through a vendor program, which gives area residents “meaningful opportunities for storytelling and employment [that] positively contribute to the well-being and dignity of people impacted by poverty”.

To learn more about the Hope in Shadows project, visit www.hopeinshadows.com or Pivot Legal Society’s website.

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