Honours For BC Legal Aid Lawyers

December 19, 2012

The Legal Services Society (LSS) has announced that three BC legal aid lawyers have been recognized for their hard work and dedication.

LSS board member Deanna Ludowicz was recently presented with the Legal Aid Leader Award by the Canadian Bar Association. “The award is given to legal aid lawyers who have made a significant contribution to providing access to justice to people in need. For more than 20 years, Deanna has done exactly that by taking close to 500 legal aid cases.” Read Ludowicz’s board member bio here.

Valerie Bonga and Michael Newcombe were recently presented with the LSS Chair’s Award for Distinguished Service for the Okanagan region. The awards are given on a regional basis to lawyers who have made significant and sustained contributions to legal aid in BC.

Bonga “has helped many people with low incomes in the Penticton area with their family-related legal issues” and says, “Having access to justice maintains a functioning society … If people didn’t have access to justice, you’d be living in a sorry place, and it maintains a just society. If people in society don’t get their basic needs, then you end up with a pretty unhappy place.” Read Bonga’s bio here.

Newcombe takes mainly criminal and family legal aid cases and says “I really enjoy doing what I do — it’s fascinating work … The stories in people’s lives that I hear about and see and try to assist with…it’s pretty incredible.” Read Newcombe’s bio here.

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