Fresh New Look for TRAC

February 25, 2015


The Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC) website was recently treated to a major makeover.


In a post on the Clicklaw Blog, TRAC Executive Director Andrew Sakomoto describes the new features of the redesigned website, which includes Tenant and Landlord Survival Guides, template letters, and tenant info pamphlets.

On the site, you can navigate to relevant information based on the type of tenancy or housing, the stage of tenancy, or the type of dispute. Sakomoto notes that the fundamentals of residential tenancy law pamphlet is available in 18 languages, and that all the content on the website “can be printed as nicely formatted fact sheets”.

TRAC is a non-profit organization that provides information resources, advice and representation to tenants and advocates in BC. Find them on Twitter (@trac_bc) and on Facebook.

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